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 problem trouble, difficulty, nuisance, annoyance, hassle, bother, aggravation  troublesomeness awkwardness
-1840s -1880s -1920s -1960s -2000s
DEFINITIONS 1. a difficulty that causes anxiety 2. the quality of an embarrassing situation 3. an inconvenient discomfort 4. the quality of not being useful or convenient
COLLOCATES adj minor, great, little, temporary, sorry, major, considerable, slight, serious, mere noun cost, delay, expense, pain, discomfort, patient, embarrassment, loss, danger, annoyance verb cause, apologize, suffer, avoid, regret, outweigh, compare, experience, minimize, impose
1 vast majority of abortions are done because a baby   would   merely  inconvenience  a   woman   's  life . # I suspect the only reason abortion
2 the rehearsal in another venue -- even though it   creates   an  inconvenience  and   a   less  desirable rehearsal . This is a one-time instance .
3 . The greatest disruption attributable to the accident   was   the  inconvenience  and   cost   of  a voluntary evacuation , which in the end proved
4 ) says for both Palestinians and Israelis ROTH The   kind   of  inconvenience  and   discomfort   and  suffering that they 're going through simply
5 disruptions which marked his term in office to   the   initial  inconveniences  and   dislocations   which  political reform generated . This
6 more than $60 million in lost revenues and   caused   considerable  inconvenience  and   irritation   for  telephone-dependent customers . # The
7 '' We think that Blue Cross is engaged in   rationing   by  inconvenience  and   rationing   by  hassle , '' says Dr. Paul Rudolf , who
8 is residential . # '' There is a certain   level   of  inconvenience  and   there   is  nothing we can do , '' Lynch said .
9 degrees and enough field hardships to shake morale .   There   are  inconveniences  aplenty   :   no  alcohol , banned by Moslem law ; no state-side
10 Eve .... '' # '' Nonsense , dear fellow   ...   no  inconvenience  at   all   .  Not in the least . The more the merrier
11 Councilman # I 've joined those reacting to high   fares   and  inconvenience  at   Denver   's  new airport by using the Colorado Springs Airport .
12 's important for students to understand , if there   are   some  inconveniences  at   local   stores  or restaurants , that there 's been a lot
13 machine is like the cars in Uluazapa , both   rendered   modern  inconveniences  because   services   are  lacking . With little aid coming from the
14 clever gadgetry saves people in the future from   every   lurking  inconvenience  brought   on   by  widening ozone holes , nerve-wracking earth
15 . Although I spoke with some U.S. citizens who   experienced   some  inconvenience  by   being   in  China shortly after the bombing -- they felt it
16 did not know Char-lotte 's full name . He   overcame   the  inconvenience  by   glancing   at  Clio and introducing her first . It was so
17 and that the public will be benefited instead of   meeting   with  inconveniences  by   having   a  shorter road to travel from North Middletown to
18 a scoring table each night in terms which far   transcended   the  inconvenience  caused   by   the  oversight . One of the Barbadians , Sam ,
19 hardship for local residents that ca n't be compared   with   the  inconvenience  caused   by   the  shuttering of a city or suburban branch . #
20 stations all over the country . # It was   a   small  inconvenience  compared   with   what  people in the Communist world and Latin
21 the border . Mrs. Kincaid had not herself suffered   more   than  inconvenience  during   the   years  of conflict ; the trouble in her life had
22 , the airlines seem to have adopted the position   that   passenger  inconvenience  equals   security   .  And yet , none of the actions they have
23 1887) (holding that pollution from neighboring   smokestack   not  inconvenience  flowing   naturally   from  city living) . 22 See Parrot , 10
24 out there , the consumer will endure a certain   amount   of  inconvenience  for   a   bargain  . '' But , he says , '' those
25 brace yourself for certain minor inconveniences . ''   One   minor  inconvenience  for   a   Money  reader , one giant disaster for American taxpayers .
26 among parties who consider themselves political   allies   ,  inconvenience  for   conservative   federal  legislators who consider themselves
27 active power lines . // '' It is more   of   an  inconvenience  for   folks   in  the park , '' said Yosemite concessionaire spokesman
28 governor of Illinois . I 'm sorry it 's   such   an  inconvenience  for   him   ,  but as any grade school geography class can attest
29 numerous unintended consequences that ultimately   will   create  inconveniences  for   passengers   and  lead to more flight cancellations , '' says
30 Well , of course not , and that may   be   an  inconvenience  for   the   individual  ; however , my feeling is that keeping
31 should not and we certainly hope it will not   be   an  inconvenience  for   the   traveling  public . But I think we do have to
32 organized communities must suffer some damage ,   annoyance   and  inconvenience  from   each   other  . For these they are compensated by all the
33 to have Soldiers to protect their Plantations but will   feel   no  inconveniences  from   them   ,  '' he wrote Loudoun , adding , '' everybody
34 with loads of information about their products . #   Despite   the  inconveniences  generated   by   such  , the benefits of the invention of electronic
35 dignitaries . # REPRESENTATIVE # I 'm terribly sorry   for   the  inconvenience  gentlemen   ,   but  we 're going to have outside for a moment
36 truth , ' Madonna is n't interested in any   that   may  inconvenience  her   .   It  never crosses her mind that there may be more
37 building 's design started as an answer to a   list   of  inconveniences  I   suffered   while  observing . As my observing needs change , I
38 '' techniques , and availability of dantrolene , there   is   little  inconvenience  in   assuming   susceptibility  in the operating room . # A simple ,
39 with patients removing the devices because of   discomfort   or  inconvenience  in   both   PCDs  . Although not significant , patients who used
40 with the sounds of the spoken language and   created   an  inconvenience  in   rhyme   and  linguistic properties of the poems written in that
41 and great-grandchildren , as they do   about   avoiding  inconvenience  in   the   present  . When we talk about economic burdens today ,
42 of usage . I do assure thee that we   find   no  inconvenience  in   what   must  seem to thee forced archaism , for it cometh
43 are ubiquitous precisely because they are hard to open   --   the  inconvenience  is   designed   as  a defense against shoplifting . Store security
44 Washington , for example -- but Clinton aides argue   that   this  inconvenience  is   far   outweighed  by the advantages of being physically distant
45 . A problem is a guy cheating on you   ;   an  inconvenience  is   his   forgetting  to change the litter box now and then .
46 can improve patient compliance . Studies have   shown   that  inconvenience  is   the   primary  reason for high drop-out rates. (n14 , n15
47 her own genes they would carry . She complained   about   the  inconvenience  just   the   same  . She was the chief astronomer , and there
48 . In some jobs , a bad back is   a   minor  inconvenience  leading   to   adjustments  in how the work is done , and the
49 a corporate tax consultant . # Residents insist it   's   no  inconvenience  living   36   miles  from downtown because much of their life is
50 Grange . I- '' '' I do not allow   anyone   to  inconvenience  me   if   I  can prevent it , '' he interrupted . ''
51 say that women doing their makeup in public do   not   normally  inconvenience  me   .   In  fact the whole operation is generally rather pleasing to
52 restricting the lobbyist-legislator   relationship   would  inconvenience  members   of   both  parties , but it would utterly destroy the model
53 . Parking in those spots , he said ,   should   n't  inconvenience  nearby   residents   .   # During his inquiries , Gurwitz said he was
54 the American public are quite understanding .   Washingtonians   '  inconveniences  notwithstanding   ,   we  are talking here about national symbols , a
55 moments in reinforcing the seam , you 'll spare   yourself   the  inconvenience  of   a   major  blowout along the steep mountain path ahead . Nearly
56 returned to Chile sooner rather than later , and   without   the  inconvenience  of   a   trial  on foreign soil . # In Chile , the
57 I can not comment any further . I apologize   for   the  inconvenience  of   all   this  , and I hope that you 're not too
58 . I 'm Scott Simon . Coming up ,   the   photographic  inconveniences  of   an   assignment  in the Bolivian jungle , but first , 20
59 and successful attempts to lose weight   ,   practical  inconveniences  of   being   an  overweight/obese person , and struggles/decisions
60 shaming . My own never bothered me , except   for   the  inconvenience  of   being   incarcerated  , but you may lack perspective - THE MUSIC
61 , which made it possible to talk to someone   without   the  inconvenience  of   being   interrupted  . That eliminated one human . Not long after
62 the system to read the tag . This saves   only   the  inconvenience  of   carrying   correct  change and opening a window . More advanced
63 . '' # Other potential investors shy away because   of   the  inconvenience  of   doing   business  halfway around the world from most of the
64 women in uniforms will carry out ; they are   the   unavoidable  inconveniences  of   everyday   life  . Such changes are coming to pass , but
65 blaming guns for increasing American suicide   evaded   the  inconvenience  of   having   to  explain exactly what social benefit nations with
66 cost of having a residential phone line installed -   and   the  inconvenience  of   having   to  go to the phone company in person on a
67 of his boycott experiences : the ever-present police   ,   the  inconvenience  of   having   to  walk to his girlfriend 's house , the constant
68 front step . Naturally , she was more concerned   about   the  inconvenience  of   having   to  step over the thing than how it had wound
69 England before the advent of the freezer . I   think   the  inconvenience  of   its   preparation  (overnight soaking and much rinsing) along
70 doctor can decide whether the risks of liver toxicity   and   the  inconvenience  of   monthly   liver  test monitoring are worth the benefits to them .
71 people are here , a drought wo n't be   a   minor  inconvenience  of   not   being  able to water your lawn . It will be
72 fail us , when the dust and the heat   and   the  inconvenience  of   our   temporary  encampment begins to overwhelm us , perhaps we
73 Road . # The idea was to spare those   drivers   the  inconvenience  of   paying   $  1.75 at the Greenway toll plaza and then stopping
74 adapted shopping cart was used . '' # Rooney   mentions   the  inconvenience  of   the   curb  cut for his blind friend ; many readers asked
75 it always has . There is , of course   ,   the  inconvenience  of   the   rear  fax orifice , cannibalized and paneled over , now
76 the gain in added soil fertility far   outstrips   the  inconvenience  of   the   temporary  evacuation for the year or so it takes for
77 , many of them also designed to overcome the   pain   and  inconvenience  of   traditional   remedies  . They range from such low-tech items as
78 paths reaps huge rewards that will always outweigh   the   inherent  inconvenience  of   traveling   off  the big train lines . And so here are
79 South Koreans wondered whether they should continue   with   the  inconvenience  of   U.S.   troops  . Indeed , this thaw between the two Koreas
80 : '' We humbly ask our honorable customers to   tolerate   the  inconvenience  of   walking   ''  the remaining distance to the bus . # In
81 a kind of stern but peaceful act -- a   punishment   which  inconveniences  or   embarrasses   ,  but does no damage of the sort that raises
82 so will require U.S. investors either to incur extra   cost   and  inconvenience  or   forgo   an  important range of investment opportunities . It
83 days . If you find that charging a phone   is   an  inconvenience  or   if   you  know you 'll be away from an outlet for
84 when perjury is marginalized or excused for   embarrassment   ,  inconvenience  or   to   insulate  one 's self , as was done here in
85 goes without the entire neighborhood being swept aside   .   It  inconveniences  people   ,   costs  hundreds of millions of dollars , protects the
86 he has spoken . He has rendered Y2K in   terms   of  inconvenience  rather   than   of  apocalypse . Maybe , just maybe , we 'll
87 of the National Motorists Association . '' Enforcement   by   camera  inconveniences  responsibly   minded   motorists  and rarely , if ever , modifies the
88 protection involves tradeoffs in terms of money , time   ,   or  inconvenience  rests   on   the  assumption that everyone is already aware of any
89 sure to lock our house and car doors .   But   the  inconvenience  seems   minor   compared  to the potential savings . Virginia is
90 '' Mom says , '' and I 'm sorry   for   any  inconvenience  she   caused   you  . It wo n't happen again . '' ''
91 . Airlines are trimming schedules in ways that are   sure   to  inconvenience  some   fliers   .  Northwest plans to drop 28 flights on Nov. 1
92 store right down the street . '' '' What   's   an  inconvenience  store   ?   ''  '' Local slang . A place you shop when
93 was '' no Roman , '' it did n't   help   .  Inconvenience  superseded   loyalty   ,  and my father found himself staring at the
94 miss Marie and Becoming a Woman has been more   of   an  inconvenience  than   a   Beautiful  Journey . Marie hears me , and she says
95 crackers . But picky eating is probably more often   a   temporary  inconvenience  than   a   serious  problem . # Leann Birch , the chair of
96 as in the other tillers . This is less   of   an  inconvenience  than   it   may  seem , became it is rarely necessary to adjust
97 terror , Zamora sees people more ready to   grumble   about  inconvenience  than   worry   about  air piracy . '' Sometimes , military guys are
98 when I was born . Beyond that , there   was   the  inconvenience  that   after   being  detained , I would lose my job . But
99 has become his own pilot , but it was   n't   airline  inconveniences  that   prompted   him  . He says it was too exhausting traveling
100 ad campaign that started out by reminding fliers of   all   the  inconveniences  that   seem   to  crop up during air travel . # Health information
101 . But in California you ca n't grow food   because   it  inconveniences  the   fish   .  BARTON : Yes , that 's right . Yes
102 is better . Most managed care interventions must   discomfort   or  inconvenience  the   patient   in  order to achieve cost savings . That is not
103 frivolous nonissue . # Well , we would n't   want   to  inconvenience  the   two   of  you atheists ! # If you people do n't
104 seed by the pound or unit . I apologize   for   any  inconvenience  this   caused   any  home gardener looking for small seed quantities
105 -p MANKIEWICZ : How often does it cross the   line   from  inconvenience  to   a   safety  issue ? Mr-HIERONYMOUS : It will happen maybe a
106 speed . The results of a missed communication can   range   from  inconvenience  to   catastrophe   .  Not surprisingly , Mark and Jim 's conversation
107 delays in the capital 's mail service were enough   of   an  inconvenience  to   congressmen   (many  of whom receive their paychecks through
108 sure that those enhancements are done with the least   amount   of  inconvenience  to   customers   ,  '' Castelveter said . '' We do n't want
109 number changed . He also knew it would be   an   annoying  inconvenience  to   have   to  resend and receive e-mail notifications correcting
110 # While being forced to switch health insurance can   be   an  inconvenience  to   healthy   young  and middle-aged adults , it can be particularly
111 sure they were one-up on the woman -- no   matter   the  inconvenience  to   her   should  she believe them -- and that they were not
112 answer , and not simply because it would represent   a   monumental  inconvenience  to   him   if  I withdrew . I realized what had been implicit
113 you kill Evie ? '' '' You have become   a   great  inconvenience  to   me   ,  Dr. Corbett , '' the soft voice went on
114 '' There will be additional costs , and there   will   be  inconvenience  to   passengers   ,  and there will be delays , '' Pena said
115 question , significantly reduce graffiti . #   Any   small  inconvenience  to   the   few  regular users of spray paint pales in comparison to
116 was collected by a red cap porter to be   transferred   without  inconvenience  to   the   lobby  of the Waldorf Astoria . Becky looked at the
117 is thought to be excessively burdensome in terms of   pain   or  inconvenience  to   the   patient  or too costly to the family or community .
118 medicine . Those are dollar costs as well as   costs   of  inconvenience  to   the   patients  who are subjected to unnecessary procedures .
119 this action was beyond our control , and we   regret   the  inconvenience  to   the   players  , coaches , referees , students , parents and
120 horrid factor in his earliest life and was even   of   considerable  inconvenience  to   the   Renns.  // Proceeding in the face of repeated warnings ,
121 Your using this space in this way is most   definitely   an  inconvenience  to   the   rest  of us . And it could be taken as
122 and intense contact tracing . These measures can be   a   temporary  inconvenience  to   those   involved  but are essential for containing a pandemic
123 to repair the trunk . This would be just   one   more  inconvenience  to   tolerate   .  Chelsea crossed her arms over her breasts and
124 for talk radio and TV , especially call-in shows   ;   the  inconvenience  was   minimal   ,  the questioning usually friendly and the demand
125 's not the worst storm we 've had .   The   most  inconvenience  was   out   at  power houses . JOHN HOLLIMAN : At one point
126 unnecessary wall or dead-end hall built into the house   ,   an  inconvenience  we   avoided   or  stepped around because to do so was far easier
127 nuclear households , the couples   frequently   encounter  inconveniences  when   they   need  extra hands to do household chores , when they
128 be doing , though I remembered to complain about   the   awful  inconvenience  whenever   I   talked  to other people . Being a juror seemed a
129 and cheap . E-training can also shave companies '   costs   and  inconvenience  while   it   saves  them time . Pharmaceutical companies like Merck
130 , the closer team to home , were more   of   an  inconvenience  who   would   hog  the practice floor at a New Jersey gym while
131 , long overdue and demanding payment , meant an   amount   of  inconvenience  wholly   unnecessary   if  it had been given him when it first came
132 grilling equivalent of a runaway truck ramp . #   The   main  inconvenience  with   propane   is  replacing the tanks , and heaven forbid you run
133 possible with the longest telephotos , it is only   with   some  inconvenience  with   respect   to  size , weight and especially , cost . Any
134 the joy of welcoming a child into their lives   makes   the  inconveniences  worth   it   .   # About 10,000 foreign-born children from such
135 Oh ? '' '' Could we , if it   does   n't  inconvenience  you   too   much  , postpone our meeting until next week ? ''
136 is strengthened by the statement in the treaty that   the   ''  inconvenience  ''   for   which  Western Shoshones are to be compensated has resulted
137 associated with hosting a polluting or waste facility   are   ''  inconveniences  ''   (  i.e.  , odors , increased traffic , unpleasant noise ,
138 a prescription- # only medication . It is   worth   the  inconvenience  ,   and   the  facts are clear . # David Ruch , Denver
139 bill ! HENRY : I am sorry if it   is   an  inconvenience  ,   but   1  must insist . Please change it ; I have
140 an analogy . Often being bumped off an airliner   is   an  inconvenience  ,   but   on  rare occasions it is a blessing . '' #
141 whose effects are reversible with no permanent   damage   --  inconvenience  ,   embarrassment   ,  living on a budget -- is to misunderstand the
142 been made with you in mind , and with   a   little  inconvenience  ,   equally   unfair  and in the end perhaps equally destructive to
143 sells it fresh . Shopping at these stores   involves   considerable  inconvenience  ,   especially   for  Jews living in the suburbs . It also involves
144 groceries . Ms-CAVANAUGH : You know , it 's   a   big  inconvenience  ,   especially   when  you 're elderly and you do n't drive ,
145 that date because I 'm entitled to every day   ,   every  inconvenience  ,   every   shortcoming  that I found here because I dealt this hand
146 be reduced if that happens . # Besides the   gas   and  inconvenience  ,   Harrelson   said  driving to another Park &; Ride would alter his
147 non-copy-protected disc and perhaps an additional CD   for   the  inconvenience  ,   he   says  . # Meanwhile , the industry 's attempt to
148 he could have tied it in to some other   scandal   or  inconvenience  ,   however   ,  it might have been an easier sell , but
149 that a wet synthetic bag is nothing more than   a   slight  inconvenience  ,   I   was  a cold , unhappy camper . I can not
150 judgment of the multitude . . . . It   is   an  inconvenience  ,   I   will  allow , that the laws should be violated with
151 '' -- those for whom '' the nation-state ,   whatever   its  inconveniences  ,   is   a  necessity , '' for whom the sovereign and equitable
152 : That 's like saying my father 's death   is   an  inconvenience  ,   make   it  go away . JOHN STOSSEL : voice-over Now if
153 anyone very badly . And of course , its   a   major  inconvenience  ,   obviously   ,  but if we 're talking about- and we are
154 or the later , and on a balance of   advantage   and  inconvenience  ,   of   good  and evil . '' # An especially troubling assault
155 were starting to believe that death was just   a   temporary  inconvenience  ,   offline   as  well as on . You know , like in
156 the eyes of those with complaints . More important   was   the  inconvenience  ,   such   as  lack of parking , sitting around for hours or
157 where the government could defend the action without   any   great  inconvenience  ,   the   court  reasoned that there would be virtually no discovery
158 , and GAO concluded while there is evidence that   there   are  inconveniences  ,   what   they  call in the military work-arounds , there was no
159 is that consumers who are not willing to pay   suffer   the  inconvenience  ,   while   those  who value the convenience have the option
160 mess up a car program at GM , it   's   an  inconvenience  ,   '   says  David Cole , director of the Office for the
161 companies routinely employ a tactic called   rationing   by  inconvenience  ,   '   ''  notes Dr. McCall . '' They 're hedging their
162 parents sometimes complain about the paperwork , red tape   ,   and  inconvenience  -   but   the  law is designed first and foremost to protect the
163 slights that were hallucinations , and overreactions   to   simple  inconveniences  --   like   getting  on a spouse 's case for not calling to
164 life , but recognize the difference between a problem   and   an  inconvenience  .   A   problem  is a guy cheating on you ; an inconvenience
165 (n14) Maintaining these resolutions   entailed   considerable  inconvenience  .   After   he  crossed the ocean , his arrival in London was
166 SCHALCH : Elsewhere , drivers have balked at the   cost   and  inconvenience  .   And   there  are practical constraints as well . In the US
167 bedtime preparations seem endless , the   to-and-froing   an  inconvenience  .   But   in  this quiet moment , I cherish the long goodnight
168 a lot of innocent people . We 're sorry   about   the  inconvenience  .   But   it  's a routine sort of thing . # #
169 something that makes the Great Depression look like   a   minor  inconvenience  .   But   there  's also a toughness to these people , a
170 Any impact we have on their life is just   a   minor  inconvenience  .   CHRIS   WALLACE  : voice-over Former prosecutor Frank Johnson
171 time and patience to go the distance , it   's   an  inconvenience  .   For   the  poor and elderly , it can mean stocking the
172 One of my greatest obstacles in relying upon the   library   was  inconvenience  .   I   rarely  have much time to visit the library when it
173 are indeed a painful curse , not to mention   a   great  inconvenience  .   Nutritionally   depleted  diets , stress and environmental
174 Air Force captain would prefer . # This trip   brought   another  inconvenience  .   She   arrived  at Orlando International Airport at 1 a.m. but her
175 . Travel in foreign lands is rarely without delays   or   small  inconveniences  .   Take   it  easy , especially if your plane is late ,
176 business will not desist on sole account of my   bowels   '  inconvenience  .   This   morning  I was informed by Bill Brewster of another killing
177 privy were erected . The man had spared himself   the   slightest  inconvenience  .   This   was  the very picture of luxury , the spirit of
178 . # And believe me , this is not   just   minor  inconvenience  .   We   who  do ride the buses are n't on a sightseeing
179 in the classroom or school library is more than   just   an  inconvenience  .   With   research  demonstrating that more than 750% of students
180 . Continually jockeying the telescope through two motions   is   an  inconvenience  .   Would   n't  it be nice to have the telescope automatically follow
181 discount '' appear worthwhile . '' Fox admits there   are   occasional  inconveniences  .   ''   I  have to grovel to friends for transportation to larger
182 We are more than willing to pay any compensation   for   the  inconvenience  .   ''   One  reason shippers were n't notified of sudden bans was
183 and could easily result in   greater   passenger  inconvenience  .   ''   That  is a familiar message from the airlines , who
184 lasting months , would be far more than a   ''   temporary  inconvenience  .   ''     # But the final flu plan , released earlier this
185 and shining in the morning without a moment 's   delay   or  inconvenience  .   ''     # In 1973 , the hotel was bought by the
186 the Nano pudgier , so I 'm willing to   forgive   this  inconvenience  .   #   The  quality of Nano videos probably wo n't get you
187 443 would not easily accept a ruling that causes   them   such  inconvenience  .   '   //  Gershom Gorenberg , an Israeli who wrote a book
188 pursued only during the night hours , at great   expense   and  inconvenience  .    #   As  urgently needed as the Richelieu Wing was a central
189 believes that a turbine type fan would have   eliminated   this  inconvenience  .    #   Despite  its effectiveness , the air separation system was
190 a seemingly inescapable situation into a   surprisingly   brief  inconvenience  .    #   Even  in a room with combat veterans , some of
191 play their parts by honking horns and becoming enraged   at   the  inconvenience  .    #   Nobody  knows the route yet , and they do n't
192 get answered and business continues as usual with a   minimum   of  inconvenience  .    #   The  editorial also omitted the fact that in most cases
193 ed by her family . No electricity ? Just   a   minor  inconvenience  .    #   Two  weeks later , Rubin was jogging lightly . The
194 and the emergence of a new nation -- outweighs   all   the  inconveniences  .    #   ''  It 's a unique experience to be giving seminars
195 photographer ramming his lens into her head , are   just   minor  inconveniences  .    #   ''  No , '' Bush says , '' not directly
196 would not apply to people for whom walking is   a   mere  inconvenience  .   Mr-TIM-FINCHEM-1P   :  To allow this case to have been
197 No , just tell me , I do n't   want   to  inconvenience  ...   But   she  was already five steps ahead of him down the
198 of abrasion-proof Dimension Polyant . We nitpicked a   few   minor  inconveniences  :   no   D-rings  on the shoulder straps ; a belt difficult to
199 range . Living with an alarm system is at   best   an  inconvenience  ;   at   worst  it is such a hassle that many families leave
200 take a package for him . Would it be   a   terrible  inconvenience  ?   ''   A  moment passed before he could respond . To agree
201 comes of this investigation , will anyone apologize for   the   ''  inconvenience  ?   ''     # The infidelity to his wife and reneging on his